Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 5, 2009

Weight Watcher Update, Week 9

This week I got right back on the horse with , tracking.  Yes, I did have a small .4 loss last week without tracking, but I know the big numbers come off when I track, and when I’m really aware of what I’m eating.  The only way I’m every truly aware of what I’m doing in a day, is if I track, plain & simple.

Thanks to my renewed tracking effort, I am now down 1.4 pounds!! I’m super excited and am nearly to my first goal of 5% lost!  I feel great and already notice a change in how my clothing fits! 

This week I walked on the treadmill twice (how I absolutely LOATHE the treadmill- it’s just sooo boring).  I normally prefer to walk outside, but the 12 inches of snow and the fact that it was 12 degrees out had me heading to the treadmill in defeat.  But, at least I did it!

Another small change I made was measuring the cooking oil I use when preparing my food.  I’m so used to just swirling the olive oil right into the pan.  This week I decided to keep out my teaspoon and tablespoon measurements and work that way.  I didn’t notice a taste in the prepared food at all- and was happy to keep the extra points and fat out of my diet.  I’m sure this small change contributed to this week’s weight loss.

I do have a couple of recipes I tried this week to blog about- I’ve just been too lazy to transfer the photos over from my camera.  I promise I’ll do them this weekend!


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