Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 3, 2009


Saturday night John and I went to a Clutch show at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale.  My parents babysat for us, and when we returned home from the show, Maddie was sleeping (oh joy of joys)!  Not wanting to let an opportunity to actually watch a movie pass us by, we popped in Fireproof, our most recent Netflix movie (well, not including The Little Mermaid, but we’ve already watched that about 18 times since getting it last week, and we wanted something a little different).

John was a little nervous about Fireproof for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a christian movie
  2. It has Kirk Cameron in it
  3. It pretty much had the promise of being a sappy love story.

And yes, while all three points are completely true, and it did turn out it was a sappy love story, I really liked Fireproof, and I daresay John did too- even though he probably won’t admit it.

There aren’t many movies out there that take a real, hard look at marriage; not just some Hollywood mushy gushy “soul mate” storyline or another story in which the main character, wronged by their current love interest, finds their REAL true love.  There isn’t much out there.  After all, don’t most movies tell us that once we fall in love and get married, it’s a walk in the park?  How many movies show that same marriage 2, 3, or 10 years down the road?  None.

Fireproof is about a marriage in crisis- but the “typical” crisis, of taking each other for granted and putting personal needs/desires before marital needs.  I think we all become guilty of this- as time goes on and a marital routine is established, it is way too easy to take your spouse for granted.  In the movie, we see a husband and wife that have fallen away from each other. We see the husband take a 40 day journey (of course, I saw the deeper meaning of the journey being 40 days- and now being Lent, it seemed completely heaven sent to me) called a “love dare”- trying to bring unconditional love back to his marriage.

Watching the movie flicked a switch in me- I saw myself in Kirk’s character- too concerned with self, quick to react with negative words and actions.  Acting in this way doesn’t only affect one’s spouse though- it hurts ourselves! 

Since watching the movie, I haven’t been officially following the love dare, but have been trying to be more loving to John, and I’m sure he’s already starting to see a difference.  John is such a patient, loving person- and he only deserves that have that in me, too.

Go ahead, put Fireproof in your netflix queue and check it out- even if you aren’t into that lovey Christian stuff, I guarantee you’ll come away with something!


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