Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 17, 2009

weight watchers update!

I can’t believe I totally forgot to post about Weight Watchers last week!  Since we went to Elmo on Thursday, I went to the Wednesday night meeting.  I was a little nervous to to weigh-in at night versus my typical AM slot.  When I weigh in on Thursdays, I don’t let even an ounce of water pass my lips until AFTER I weigh-in.  I wondered what the difference would be, weighing in at night versus the morning.  Once I got to the meeting, the meeting leader said a morning weigh-in versus a night weigh-in could be as much as 2 or 3 pounds.  I was a little nervous.

But… I went down .2! So even though, overall, that isn’t a HUGE loss- it’s great ’cause it’s a loss!  I’m sure if I would’ve weighed in Thursday morning, the loss would’ve been even more!

So, what did I do that week?  Tracking and measuring my food.  I just STILL cannot be trusted to eye-ball measurements with my food.  What I think is 1 cup of cereal is really 2… and doing this a few times during the day really adds up!  I have also made sure that I stocked my kitchen with healthy snacks (tools for living)!!!

Top low-point snacks these days?  Fiber-one brand granola bars (2 pts), Fiber-one brand muffin mix (3 pt breakfast muffins), grapes, wasa crackers (1 pt for 2), laughing cow cheese (1 pt), 100 calorie popcorn (1 pt), weight watcher ice cream bars (usually 2 pts each).  Being successful with weight watchers really demands attention in terms of having foods available.



  1. Any loss is good! Congrats!!

    I too love Fiber One bars, Laughing Cow, Wasa crackers and 1 point popcorn. It is so true that you have to have healthy options available or it becomes easy to get off track. It sounds like you are doing quite well!

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