Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 17, 2009

fifth’s disease?

Doctors really need to put their heads together and come up with a new name for fifth’s disease… really, it’s a VIRUS.  Calling it a “disease” makes it sound just way more terrible than it really is!

I’ve heard of kids getting fifth’s disease before- but I haven’t had any experience with it… until now!  Apparently, that’s what Maddie has!  My wonderful mom took Maddie to the doctor this am (I had my own appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist).  She had a slight fever last week, she has a cough, and the tell-tale rash on her face.

She actually isn’t all that miserable- she’s a little fussy, but it’s hard to figure out if that’s “sick” fussy or “i’m a 2-year-old” fussy.  She’s certainly starting to act more independent- down to throwing her sippy cup on the floor when she’s finished.  Of course, I’m sure everything will change once she goes to bed- why do coughs get so much worse when it’s bedtime?  It’s so super annoying.

I hope she feels better soon- nothing pains me more than seeing her miserable!


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