Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 17, 2009

Awesome 1 pt bread- Arnold’s Sandwich thins!!!!

Arnold’s Sandwich thins have been passed along in Weight Watcher’s meetings as if they are the “holy grail” of bread.  Almost revered… the secret passes via whisper at the back of meetings (have you tried Arnold’s sandwich thins?).  I normally don’t take heed of many WW suggestions- after all, to me, being successful with WW means changing your habits.  For me, those habits are eating too much!  I don’t necessarily eat bad foods- I just eat too much of them!  So when I hear of 1 pt foods, I throw up my own red flags- because the lower the point value of a food, the more of them you can eat, leading to your “inner self” knowing that you can, “just have one more of them.”

Well- that’s how I got INTO this mess- “just one more”, right?  Of course… Shopping this weekend I walked past a tower of sandwich thins, and I figured, “why not?”

So…. after all the hype?  They’re delicious.  I got the multi-grain version- and they are nutty and delicious and darn-it, only 1 point..  so go give ’em a try!!!!



  1. I LOVE those things!!!!

  2. I buy them every week…pepperidge farm just came out with their version…called sandwich flats….love them.

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