Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 13, 2009

take the train to elmo…

Yesterday Johh, Maddie, and I took the almost-always reliable Long Island Railroad into NYC to see Elmo Live at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.  How’d we get roped into this one?   I’m not quite sure… but Maddie somehow saw a commercial for Elmo Live two weeks ago and started happily jumping up and down saying “elmo! elmo! wanna go see elmo!”  In retrospect, this leaves me with much head-scratching because MOST if not ALL the channels Maddie is allowed to watch do not advertise (Noggin, PBS Kids).  This might have been the one  of the rare times we switched to Nick Jr (which does show commercials) in order to avoid watching Lazy Town (sorry if you like it, the puppet people creep me out… and drooling over Sportucus’ hot body doesn’t make up the creepy factor). 

So she saw the commercial and went bat shit.  And because it’s our mission to spoil the shit out of the kid, I went upstairs and immediately bought 3 tickets, damned if a little thing like “my husband not having a job” was going to stop us from dropping $120 on tickets to see a shitty kid show!  So- 3 tickets we got for the 11 am performance yesterday (Thursday).  There was no way in hell that we were gonna drive into the city, facing bumper-to-bumper traffic and ridiculous garage parking fees (no street parking during the day usually), so we sucked it up and took the LIRR.

Of course, as it turns out, the LIRR trip was the BEST part according to Maddie.  She happily looked out the window and proclaimed, “Mama, I’m riding on the train with my father?”  (Why is everything always a question?) and “I’m going to the big city?” (yes, she refers to NYC as the “big city”- probably some Oswald reference).  Should we have known all we had to do was take the kid on a two-hour, round-trip train ride we could’ve saved $125 and not bought the Elmo tickets.

Thankfully Madison Square Garden (for those of you that don’t know) is right above the LIRR.  So, once we got to NYC all we had to do was take the escalator upstairs and we were where we needed to be (it was a ridiculously windy day- gusts up to 50mph- so it was a good think we were about to stay under ground for as long as possible).  

We headed to our seats and were amazed at the amount of class trips.  Maybe I’m naive, but I didn’t realize that seeing an Elmo show was “class trip worthy”.  I thought class trips were boring-as-all-hell and should be historical in nature.  I suppose times have changed.   Of course, once the show was ready to start and the lights went out, Maddie immediately became super duper nervous- it was too dark and the other kids were just screaming too loud.  We should’ve known, Maddie doesn’t take very well to new situations, she has a long acclimation period before she relaxes.

The show itself was OK- lots of musical numbers with all the standard Sesame Street pals: Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, The Count, Baby Bear, Telly Monster, Cookie Monster, etc.  There was also a “real life” person- Jenny, the music teacher, who supposedly moved to Sesame Street as the new music teacher and lost all her instruments in transit.  Boy was she terrible; with all the out of work musicians these days, the best they could do was get a sub-standard singer with a pitch problem?  Even my husband was put off- they should’ve stuck with the pre-dubbed monsters and called it a day! 

The most unbelievable aspect of the show?  A fucking intermission- I swear to you.  They had a 15 minute intermission for the sole purpose of selling ridiculously overpriced Elmo balloons ($7/each).  Thank God Maddie was uninterested; I couldn’t imagine having to wrangle a balloon in 50 mph wind gusts through New York City and on the LIRR!

After Elmo, we hit-up a Korean restaurant on 32nd street with our good friend Rachel for some BiBim Bop- a delicious melange of rice, beef, and assorted vegetables.  Maddie sat through the lunch experience, but was slightly suspicious of the food (Korean, after all, looks NOTHING like Japanese, her favorite).


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