Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 11, 2009

Lets go to the movies!

I went to the movies tonight with my good friend Eileen.  A real “chick-flick” night, we went to see “He’s Just Not That Into You.”  Not Oscar worthy, but totally adorable and funny.  Got me chuckling, reliving my 20s and the whole dating scene, and had me both thanking GOD that I was married and cursing him that I am married!  

What is it about these romantic comedies that make you want to keep falling in love all over again? Like a strange “Ground Hog Day”.  The best part about dating is the first few months- when everything is new, giddy, exciting.. and well, did I say new?  Eight years into mine and John’s relationship, and six years into our marriage, we’re in that comfortable jeans phase.  You know- the kind you love and wear all the time, try not to wash them too much because you don’t want the color to fade and you the fit got “just right?”  Sure, you might have 5 other pairs in your closet… but damn it!  They just are not as comfortable.  You might be tempted to maybe try on a new pair at The Gap or Nordstroms (or whatever store you like to get your jeans at- those are my picks)… and you slide ’em on, and they just aren’t as comfy- and they don’t hug your rear the same way.  They seem so exciting and filled with possibility on the rack, but when you try them on they’re still and unforgiving…

Anyway- that’s a metaphor for John and me -comfortable blue jeans.. don’t tell him that!  Ha ha.  Part of the movie made me so thankful for John- I trust him with every ounce of my being.. and I know not every woman trusts their husband this way.  We may not have the perfect relationship, but by God, we’re each other.. and thank God for that!  

Oh- and my popcorn addicted self made it through the whole movie with only 1 diet coke and the teeniest bag of popcorn I’ve ever seen.. it was even in a PINK bag- totally marketed to chicks!  My assumption was that it held about 3-4 cups of popcorn.  Not bad, considering I’ve been totally known to annihilate the entire bucket (that can double as a garbage can it’s so damn big).  The diet coke is the reason I’m still up… I’m such an old fart that I can’t handle caffeine past 5pm.  Lame!



  1. It was a good movie!

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