Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 6, 2009

economic woes

Trying to stay positive in the wake of the horrible economic data that surfaces daily is becoming much more difficult.  I know, as a family, we are in far better shape than most; we don’t have any credit card debt, we don’t own a home and therefore aren’t victim of lost equity, and we have a sufficient stash in savings to float us if need be.

John’s had a few job interviews, which is more than most can say.  I’ve heard of many job-hunting horror stories!   They are all similar- 50+ resumes sent out, no calls/interviews received.  Thankfully, John’s become a master at networking both online using sites like LinkedIn and offline, by speaking to everyone he can think of and asking for referrals/suggestions.  He is leaving no stone unturned, and I’m quite confident he will get something soon.

But then, there’s that little voice in the back of my head that whispers, usually in the morning, “what if he doesn’t?”  What if he doesn’t have something by the time the severance runs out?  I’m not really worried about the money- it’s more the health insurance situation.  I’m a little surprised that the Obama administration hasn’t put more emphasis on the health care situation- both for Americans that are uninsured AND those that lost their job and cannot afford the ridiculous premiums COBRA charges.

In order to maintain the health insurance for our family, we’ll have to pay $1,000/month out-of-pocket.  This morning, I had to stop myself from making mental calculations for how long our savings will last after shelling out $1.000/month for COBRA.  Of course, we’re lucky we HAVE savings to pay for COBRA- many can’t even afford that! 

A few weeks ago I read an OpEd by Krugman in the NYTimes about this very issue, and why Obama wasn’t pressing forward.  Times of crisis, he supposed, are great times to push for these types of nationalized programs.  Heck, just look at everything FDR got done!

Down the block from my house, the sign outside St. Paul’s Lutheran Church states, “faith is a refusal to panic.”  I’ve taken that as my mantra lately- I firmly believe that worrying and panicking will do nothing for us: it won’t get John a job, it won’t strengthen our relationship, and it certainly won’t make our daughter feel secure.  Whenever, like this morning, I feel myself slipping, I remind myself of those words, and all the other miracles that God has worked in my life up to this point.  Why then, do I doubt?  I suppose because I’m human, and heck, the daily news reports don’t help!


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