Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 5, 2009

weight watchers update!

How psyched was I when got on the scale this morning and was told I lost 3.6 pounds?  VERY!!!!! (Although, I know that I probably lost more as I didn’t yet have my morning BM).

I’m super motivated!  I think I did an excellent job this week writing down what I ate AND watching my portions.  I started using the Weight Watchers scale my mom bought me and broke out the measuring cups so I didn’t overdo it on starchy sides (that’s where I always get tripped up).

Oh- and I also walked twice this week too!  I’m certain that was a contributor to the weight loss. 

Here’s a list of what I did this week that was different that week prior:

  1. tracked everything I ate and wrote it down
  2. managed portions by weighing/measuring
  3. incorporated a little exercise
  4. made healthy, low-point vegetable soup
  5. made high-fiber, low-point starch side-dishes
  6. watched my white-carb, white-sugar (all simple carb) intake
  7. replaced sugar with Stevia sweetener in morning coffee (no points- although STILL not used to the taste)
  8. upped my water intake by about double

I know many people will say- writing down what you eat, weighing, and measuring is a pain in the ass.  It is!  But the more I thought about it- the more I realized that I love myself enough to DO THIS for myself.  If it were my daughter- I know I’d weight/measure and make the effort for her. Well, I have to do it for me too!


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