Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 3, 2009

six years

Wow, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post that my 6th wedding anniversary was this past Saturday, January 31st.  I don’t want to post some gushy, outpouring of emotions about my husband or my marriage.   I love him.  We make a great team. We’re committed to each other and to our marriage. I’m not going to talk about some cheesy-romantic-comedy moments we’ve had that will make you jealous.  We’re just regular people trying to make sense of the World and each other, together.  I figured I would, however, put together a sort of list of six “realizations” about marriage… (in honor of the six years I’ve been married) maybe they can help someone out.. or, maybe they’ll just make you laugh!

  1. problems don’t seem as bad when you can tackle them as a team.
  2. it’s amazing that after a few years of marriage, emotions somehow become linked- so that you can actually FEEL what your spouse is feeling without them having to explain it.
  3. it is completely normal to wake up next to your spouse and think, “damn, I have to keep doing this FOREVER!”  But you quickly realize this is a blessing, and not a curse.
  4. it is possible to be completely opposite and yet have a good marriage.
  5. some of the BEST presents I’ve ever gotten are the most simple (for example, husband putting my coffee on before he leaves the house- and he doesn’t even drink coffee).
  6. contrary to what most people thing, marriage is hard work- that doesn’t mean it’s BAD work- just that it takes effort to make sure you are growing together, not growing apart.


  1. To coin a Jackie Gleason phrase…..”Baby, You’re The Greatest!”

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