Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 29, 2009

Weight Watchers update- week 3

Yowzer!!! I didn’t do that well this week- somehow gained 1.2 pounds.  Nice, right?  I’m actually not that worried as I could have done much, much worse.  I also don’t think the actual weight gain was that bad considering I wore much heavier clothes this time around.  I try to wear the same outfit for each weigh-in, but this has proved difficult for some reason.  I need to work on making sure laundry is done Wednesday night!

Anyway- I think my MAIN problem is portion control; I don’t SEEM to eat horrible food, and have done (I think) a good job of making healthy soups and filling foods to have on hand.  My main problem is the QUANTITY of food I’m putting in my mouth.  I will be vigilant this week- not only tracking my food, but MEASURING.  I think this is the only way I’m going to get a handle on this thing.

There are so many people in our Thursday morning meeting that are inspiring- quite a few, believe it or not, with weight loss over 50 pounds, and at least two 100+ pound losses.  And you know what?  They still struggle!  It’s a real eye-opener!

Here are my “excuses” for the week- or why I think the week could’ve gone much worse:  my grandparents were in town- and not that THEY forced me to eat, I did eat quite a few meals at my mom’s house… for some reason I tend to eat more at my mom’s than I do at my own home.  I think this is because when I’m home, I have other stuff to do:  clean up the dinner mess, play with Maddie, etc. etc… At mom’s not so much.  We also went to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx last weekend- and lets face it, that type of “Italian American” food isn’t low cal or low fat!  I think I did OK- eating a salad and a stuffed artichoke… I’ve also been trying to watch my simple sugars (white sugar, white flour-based foods, etc.) because of the whole insulin resistance/PCOS thing.  I’m hoping the Metformin kicks in and helps me drop some weight too!

And- like a previous post- I NEED TO GET MOVING!



  1. the metformin mostly keeps you from packing any more weight on but you need to really watch your sugar and you need to exercise. i have to sweat this weekend cause i only worked out 1 day this week but if you can fit in at least 4 days that’s a good start.

  2. Don’t worry, we all fall off the wagon. It just gives us more incentive for the new week.

    I have the same weakness as you – portion control. Believe me, I eat alot, especially when I’m training for races. You’ll be ok, just find an activity or exercise that you like to do, so that’s it’s easy to do.

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