Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 27, 2009

nursery school!

This past Sunday began Catholic School Week on Long Island; when parents register (or re-register) their children for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year (2010- when the heck did that happen).  We both decided that we’d keep Maddie at the local Catholic school, where she currently attends the two-year-0ld program. 

It took a bit of juggling to get all the paper work in, but thanks to John running over there- we got it in AND we got the slot we wanted.  We both were sort of on the fence whether to send her 2 or 3 days; we heard from many other parents that it’s because it is our first that we are hesitant to put her in for 3 days.  All parents with more than one child want the kid in 3 days and complain that the program isn’t 5 days!  I guess (God willing) we have more kids, we’d be in the same mind set!

Of course, Maddie has to be potty trained by the time school starts.  We better get on it- only 7 months until school! Yikes!



  1. it was the same thing with autumn. by the time school started she was well potty trained. don’t worry. it’ll happen

  2. Good Luck potty training!

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