Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 26, 2009

attack of the vampires & musings on nursery school

Today Maddie had to get her 2-year-old bloods taken.  What a horror!  Now, those of you that “know” us “in real life” know that Maddie HATES the doctor.  She is a little iffy about ALL “new” experiences and has a very long warm-up time. 

I’ve been freaking about this since the doc gave me the script last week.  She’s a baby, after all.  How big could her veins be?  What if they can’t get it right away and have to re-stick her? 

I tossed and turned all last night, not at all worried about my own bloodwork; a gastly 27 (YES, 27!!!) vials of blood to check for clotting disorder.  Not sure WHY exactly- something about my crash c-section… after all the blood squeezed out of me this AM I’m almost hoping they find something.  How sick is that?

Anyway- I let Maddie go first this morning- so that way John and I could both be there with her, and I would’ve have to worry about her hitting my arm and rupturing my already tapped vein.  Thankfully the tech only had to stick her once!  I already had it in my head that they got one shot and that was it.  But they did it- and boy did Maddie scream!  It was heart breaking- I am not even sure that I was breathing.  But once I saw the blood flowing I was so relieved as I knew it would be over ASAP. 

Thankfully Maddie’s veins are just like mine- real bleeders- so she filled her vials super fast. 

Then it was my turn- we had to fax the list of tests to corporate for them to enter it all in; all-in-all about 27 vials were taken.  The tech was way impressed that my vein held out for all 27.  At least I only had to get stuck once!

This Sunday was the beginning of Catholic Schools week on Long Island.  Maddie is currently attending our parish school’s 2-year-old program.  It’s one hour, once a week and Maddie LOVES it.  Next year she’ll be in the PT nursery school- 3 days a week, 2 1/2 hours a day.  I have to get all of her paperwork together- hopefully we’ll be able to register her tomorrow and get the class we want!

I was happy that my great-grandparents were in and able to see Maddie’s school; they thought it adorable how Maddie purposefully went from activity to activity.  Of course stopping at the dress-up station first to pick up a fire or baseball hat!  I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing!  It is truly mind boggling!


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