Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 23, 2009

getting ready.

My mom’s picking me up in an hour to take me for the hysteroscopy.. not that nervous now, but I’m sure the nerves will pick up by the time we’re pulling up in the parking lot.  I’m actually more nervous that we have to bring Maddie; I’m sure some women will be a little put-off that there is a child in the waiting room.  I know some see it as insensitive… to bring a child into the place where the majority of women there are having a hard time conceiving them.. but what can I do?  I hope Maddie falls asleep and can just hang in the car with my mom.  That would be the BEST!  Or, maybe my mom can drive around Woodbury and find something to do with the kid- I can call her when I’m ready.

I started tracking my points by writing down again- I know I’m not going to see another big loss unless I do track and pay close attention to what I’m eating.  So far so good today.  Since I probably do have PCOS I need to get off sugar; I’m not too keen on the “fake” stuff: equal, sweet n low, or splenda- and the natural stevia’s taste is *slightly* off-putting.  I’ve noticed if I heat my milk before putting it into the coffee, I can tolerate the stevia more so if I don’t.  What’s up with that?  Anyone else have that issue?

I have also fully realized that I need to exercise; I also realize that I say this all the time, and never do it- but if I can just make a habit of it- at least go on the treadmill every OTHER day.. I’m sure the results would be well worth it.  Anyone got any good motivational words for me?



  1. My motivation for making sure I run: I sign up for a bunch of races. Last year, I finally finished a half marathon, with 30 minutes to spare. Training is always harder to do than the actual race, but it does provide you a good schedule and goal. I do have to say, it’s not easy to workout, but I found something I like to do – that was the most important thing for me. Whether it be running or walking, taking Nia classes, whatever, find an activity and find friends who can do it with you. You’ll be fine – you’ve got your own motivation for keeping fit. Good luck and I love hearing about your progress.


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