Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 19, 2009

What a difference a day makes….

I feel better; a little more hopeful.  I suppose it doesn’t help that you have your period when you have to deal with your period; holy emotional roller coaster!  I went to church this morning, and instead of feeling that my faith was shaken, I felt that it was stronger.  I was reminded of how much in my life has “come together”… How God’s perfect timing just won’t allow me to doubt him.  I have too much proof that He’s there and He knows what is going on.

So maybe that sounds dorky to a lot of people… but I really don’t care- I know it is true.

I also realized that this doesn’t just hurt me, it hurts John (my husband) too.  He feels just as helpless as I do… and who knows, maybe he even feels partly responsible?  

I’m glad I have this blog; in getting my feelings out onto this blog, it allows me to not carry them around inside. And that is certainly a good thing.


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