Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 19, 2009

It is terrible to say, I really don’t care….

About Obama getting sworn in?  I know, I know- after 8 years of Bush I should be jumping for joy, but honestly, this whole election has been SOOOO drawn out- I just don’t have the necessary attention span to give a shit.  Plus- there is just way too much taking up my attention:  John’s hunt for a job, our trying to get pregnant.  These things just mean more to me.  Maybe I’m just a cynic, and I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t know if Obama is going to be able to make a dramatic difference.  There’s just so much shit going on in the world, specifically with the economy, that it is going to be nearly impossible to turn around quickly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t FEEL the major change until a year or a year and a half from now.

Furthermore, I don’t care what the table setting is going to look like, who is invited to the dinner, or – as currently being ‘reported’ on the Today Show, what cupcakes they’ll be serving.  I just don’t give a rat’s ass!



  1. you need a glass of calm down juice. i’m working til 8 tomorrow night. so by the time i get home i won’t care either. i’m just trying to make it through this week with no disasters.

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