Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 13, 2009

Adventures in potty training & weight loss….

So the potty training thing.  Yeah.. not so sure that Maddie was actually READY to start.   We put her in underwear, and that just didn’t make a difference at all- she peed twice and even pooped in them!!

Do you know how hard it is to scoop poop out of underwear?  I’m not even talking a small poop- a BIG POOP!  Faced with the task I was unsure if I should somehow try and pull the underwear down, thereby risking poop getting flung everywhere, or somehow scoop the poop out the side of the diaper.  In the end, we chose a combination, and this seemed to work enough that poop didn’t get everywhere.

After the poop situation, we haven’t been on potty training since.  We got her a pack of “special princess Dora pull-ups”… but we haven’t dared try them yet!  Tomorrow I’ll be home-bound ALL day and plan to keep her in the pull-ups sans pants to foster a more pee-on-potty environment.

As for my first week on Weight Watchers, not bad I guess.  I still haven’t weighed in (my weigh in is on Thursday) but I know I’m doing good and have at least lost a pound or two.  My biggest accomplishment so far is that I’ve written down everything I’ve eaten.  So this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I even did it on Sunday when I had sort of a shit day; when you fall off the Weight Watchers wagon the FIRST thing you do is you don’t write down what you’re eating.  But this week I promised myself that no matter WHAT I put in my mouth, I was going to write it down.  A pastrami on rye, some french fries, and a piece of my brother’s birthday cake later, I still wrote it all down.. it wasn’t pretty- but it’s on paper!



  1. you’re cheating the first week already? jeez, woman. another reason i never loved weight watchers. hated writing everything down. i know what i eat. and i’m not really a picker so it’s either a meal or a snack. keep at it. it takes a lot of time to stick with something. especially when it’s not a quick fix.

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