Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 9, 2009

You can make a kid wear underwear….

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re potty trained. 

Ok, so maybe I’m pushing it a little bit.  Maddie IS only 26 months old.  But damn it!  The kid is totally SMART enough and AWARE enough to start going on the potty- at LEAST number one!

Yesterday after Maddie woke up from her nap, I told her we were off to Kohls to get a special treat: big girl Tinkerbell underwear.  Due to Disney’s current Tinkerbell marketing push, Maddie is OBSESSED with Tinkerbell (and ALL the other Disney princesses too).   So we successfully purchased a pack of Tinkerbell underwear and a pack of Sesame Street underwear, along with a Disney Princess cup and a Disney Princess nightgown (damn, can this kid get over on me or what?)….

Once home, she was super excited to try out her nightgown and new underwear.  I put both on her and gave her an explanation on how underwear “worked”.  Telling her if she had to go pee she had to tell either me or daddy, and that she’d go on the potty. 

She seemed OK and excited- she was running around the house squealing with joy!  And so we went, 30 minutes of noisy glee- Maddie running around the house, super exciting to have on her new underwear.  That is until things got eerily quiet; John went into her room, where she was, to see what was going on.

What was going on?  Maddie let John know straight away that “I peed”.  Not only did she just PEE it was a huge, “I have been holding it all day and have had three sippy cups of juice” pee… Not only that, she peed while standing on her bed, all over her pillows!

Not wanting to mentally traumatize the girl, we just said, “Oh, accidents happen, next time let us know” and went on to de-pee the bed in time for bedtime.


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