Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 4, 2009

Feast of the Epiphany

Today we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany by taking down all of the Christmas decorations.  Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been slightly saddened when the Christmas Season came to an end.  At the end of Christmas the house has always felt a little too empty without the tree; the mantle (or whatever you hang stockings on) too bare without stockings.  I almost felt as if something inside of me became a little deflated as well; as if the dismantling of the decorations also dismantled my spirit.  Of course, at that point, I wasn’t religious; but, there is something about the hope and possibility of Christmas that has made the “season” feel special.  Now I realize that the hope and possibility is the joyful anticipation of Christ’s birth.  Just because the decorations are packing away until next year, doesn’t mean we can’t keep that joy with us all year.

At this afternoon’s mass, the Pastor talked about the 3 Magi (Epiphany is the day the 3 Magi visited Jesus for the first time and presented him with their gifts).  He talked about how the 3 Magi must have had something missing in their lives to take a long journey away from their homeland.  They must have thought that there was something more to their lives and therefore took the journey to follow the star in the sky that led to the baby Jesus.

The story of the 3 Magi became very personal to me this year, because both John and I are taking a similar journey to God. We also both feel that there must be something “more” to the “daily grind” and have been attending Monday evening RCIA classes in order to become closer to God.  Although Christmas is over, John and I still have Easter Vigil to look forward to: when I will be confirmed and he will be baptized (and make communion and be confirmed as well).  

I find the Catholic faith has become so much more personal and meaningful in my encounters with it as an adult, versus whatever exposure I had to it as a small child.  Having this experience makes me realize how important it is for both John and I to live the faith and talk about it openly with Madeline; hopefully in doing so, she will have a much better understanding of it- more so than learning it from Sunday school (I know they try but I certainly didn’t have the best Sunday school teachers).  A big reason why John and I are taking this journey is because and for Madeline, to make sure she is exposed to her faith and is able to develop a relationship with God.

Of course, I make no claims that this will indeed happen perfectly and to plan.  I know many cradle Catholics that have fallen away from their faith (more often they leave the faith than remain).  I wonder if this is because a true relationship with God is only something that can be developed as an adult. It’s something to think about.

Anyway- we were supposed to have company tonight (Dad, Step Mom and Fam) but my Dad is sick.. and we certainly don’t need to expose Maddie to anymore germs.  In honor of today’s feast I’m still going to prepare something special and try my hand at making popovers.  I’ll let you know how I do!


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