Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 2, 2009

MTV’s The City “reality” show

I’ve been stewing about this all day….

First off, I am NOT a regular watcher of The Hills, The OC, or any of these faux-reality MTV shows.  They are just ridiculous- and lets face it, I’m just way too old and out of the demographic.

BUT- I happened to catch The City today, and as someone who has worked in “The City” immediately after college I want to put a few things straight to the 16-20 year old kids out there who think, for any reason, that The City represents real life in NYC.

Firstly, there is NO WAY a PR job at DVF pays enough money to support Whitney’s lifestyle.  Granted, the little tart gets $75k per episode (or so I’ve read) – but really, to make it “reality” shouldn’t they have her trying to scrape by like real people her age have to do when living/working in NYC for the first time?

I remember friends that lived in NYC right after college during their first job; their bedrooms were the size of closets.  Actually their bedrooms WERE the closets because well, the closets didn’t exist.  Another friend lived in a studio and had a murphy bed.  I thought it was super cool, although now I can only imagine how annoying it must have been to pull down your bed night after night!  Imagine one of those tart socialites pulling down a murphy bed to get busy on?  It would probably make the show a lot more fun, wouldn’t it!

In the episode I saw today, a love interest showed up at a dinner party (um, seriously though- who has fucking dinner parties at 21…. well, besides me… I did, didn’t I?)… with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.  Seriously, what kid that age #1 knows what Veuve Clicquot is and #2 brings it to a party?  I didn’t drink Veuve Clicquot until I was like 30!  Shit, when we went to a party we brought a six-pack of Bud Lite!

I feel bad for recent and upcoming college graduates.  They are entering a job market that is the worst since the depression.. and yet, they’re bombarded with images of wealth and excess that is, at their age, almost 99% unattainable.

And even worse, they think that this is what life is really like- that after a full day of work (especially in fashion, you know at 21-22 you are worked like a dog- at least 10-11 hour days) you still look fabulous and then you go out and party.  Um- you’re usually dog tired- and if you do party, it’s at home, because after paying rent, bills, student loans- there is nothing left to go out with!

Seriously though, MTV should be a little ashamed of themselves by putting this vapid show on the air… shouldn’t we  be teaching our youth something a little more important? What about a reality show about what life is REALLY like!



  1. You deserve a webbie award for this review of The City. Brilliant! Just watched it for the first time and I swear my IQ dropped several points.

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