Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Wow- all the loafing around I’ve done the past 3 days, you think I could post more!  I have been completely lazy- not cooking anything blog-worthy- sorry!  Although today John and I did empty out the refrigerator and scrub it top to bottom (we even took the crisper drawers out and washed them, too).  It’s amazingly clean and sparkling white- which is alarming slightly- how dirty it was before.

My new resolution is to wash my refrigerator down twice a year AND make sure nothing old stays in it!

Besides keeping a clean refrigerator, I have a few other resolutions:

  1. Live in the moment- there are so many daily moments with Maddie and John that I probably don’t pay attention to because I’m too busy worrying about tomorrow, next week, next year, etc.  This has seriously got to stop!
  2. Exercise- really- I need to start moving my body.  I don’t have any crack-headed fantasies that I’m gonna be a size 6 or anything (although I’d be super happy with a size 10 at this point)… I DO need to get moving!  I find it alarming when I stand up at church after kneeling and my entire body just creaks and cracks.. I’m 33 not 83!
  3. Squash the Gossip!  Year after year I give up gossip for lent- both for people I know on a personal level and celebrities (US Weekly- though I l love it, isn’t exactly brain food).  Gossiping never leads to anything good (ok, well maybe sometimes it is super duper entertaining.. but I really want to make an effort to not make it my hobby).

Including the refrigerator- that’s only 4 measly resolutions.  I hope I can stick to them, I mean- it’s not like I want to get Kate Moss skinny or anything, how hard can this be?

To all my dear blog readers- a happy and healthy 2009 to you all.  I know 2008 wasn’t the best year, and we certainly have a lot to overcome in 2009, but I think with faith and a little elbow grease, we’ll all be in a better place!


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