Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 27, 2008

Ugh- I feel like a shit sandwich!

Seriously…. I just feel like crap!  I’m not going to list the symptoms here.. because I hate when people tell me every little pain they have.  Suffice to say, the title of this blog says it all.

Maybe it feels a little worse because it’s after Christmas.  I sort of have that post-Christmas “hangover” that isn’t alcohol induced.  Like coming down off of all this build up- especially for Maddie.  Picking out, shopping, wrapping, menu planning, table setting, cooking, unwrapping, cleaning, putting away… it’s a burst of activity.  And then on the 26th it’s all, well, over!  And it sort of sucks!

I love the “special” feeling of Christmas- to me it feels like hope and possibility and love.  I wish the whole world could wrap themselves up in this feeling.  But the world still turns and the nonsense still goes on; I woke up this morning (I use the term morning lightly- it was probably more like early afternoon) and turn on CNN to see fighting in the Gaza and tensions growing between Pakistan and India.  I wonder, why?  After all, at the very basic level- we are all the same!  I hope that we could all sit down one day and think how there is more similarity to us than difference.  

Wow- that just got sort of deep.  

Anyway- Maddie is still sniffling- but she isn’t coughing as bad.  She’s to go to the doctor for a “well visit” on Tuesday and get some very past due shots… she still has a few days to turn it around and get well so she can get the shots.  I hope she can!  I, in the meantime, and filled an “emergency prescription” my doctor gave me for augmentin.  I know- totally ridiculous that I just took the medicine instead of going to the doctor- but whatever.. I know when I’m sick.

I’m trying to rally and take a shower and run out to the market for much needed milk, eggs, juice, etc.  I really don’t feel like doing much of anything, but I need to get out of the house for a few and at least breathe some fresh air!


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