Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 19, 2008

Fertility Update

Spoke to my doctor yesterday.  The nurse called me at first and told me to start taking Clomid today (CD3) for the next 5 days and to call in for a sonogram once I get a positive on the ovulation test.

So- I sort of went a little ape shit.  I started asking the nurse a ton of questions: how long should we stay the course?  when do I need more monitoring?  am I producing enough eggs? should we be more aggressive?  I think I made the nurse nervous, so she put me through to the doctor.

The doctor and I agreed that this month I’d stay the course with clomid.  Then instead of just doing an IUI the day after a positive ovulation test, we’re going to do a trigger shot.  A trigger shot helps time the IUI better; it makes your body release the eggs.

Also, instead of doing just one IUI we are going to do two; two days in a row.

I’m feeling a little better that we’re trying something different this time around.


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