Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 19, 2008


At what point did it become unacceptable to tell your children no?  I have absolutely no problem telling Maddie no about certain things (but, lets be serious, she’s only 2.. how much could she ask for).

I’m talking about teenagers, children in their 20s, 30s and beyond… I’m seeing it more often than not.  Children over indulged by their parents.  It seems that children can ask their parents for anything.. and their parents will do it.

I wonder if this is going to happen to me and John; in a culture of the over indulged (heck, us too) will we just pass that along to Maddie?  It also seems that the tendency to over indulge is also coupled with children thinking that the sun rises and sets on them.  While yes, to PARENTS this is true.  Is it actually healthy to go on in life thinking this is the case?

More often than not, children aren’t called to service.  They don’t help out those less fortunate.  They don’t watch the news- see how children in Zimbabwe are dying of Cholera and don’ t have clean drinking water.  They live in a fantasy world.

Maybe this global, economic turmoil is a little good- maybe it will pull us all away from the material.  Maybe it will help us tell our children “no” once in a while.


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