Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 12, 2008

yikes… just a little anxious!

Last night we had a repeat episode of Maddie waking up at 3:45am coughing her brains out.  This time I went right in and gave her another dose of cough medicine.. I DID NOT try and wait it out with my head under the covers praying to God that she would go back to bed and that we wouldn’t have to, yet again, watch Sesame Street at 4:00am.  Ok- maybe I did pray for about 15 seconds- but to no avail- we were, once again, watching Sesame Street.  Fun, I know you’re jealous!

After the cough medicine kicked in, Maddie went back to sleep around 5am and stayed that way until 9am (as did I).  We were so lazy & slow this morning.. and finally made our way over to the mall (Roosevelt Field) by about 12:30pm.  I completely traumatized Maddie, forcing her to take a picture with Santa.  All the preparation I took for the past two days (talking about Santa, painting the mental imagine of the visit, etc etc) was enough to limit the melt down.  It was full-out, ear-breaking, scream fest.  Santa was NOT amused.  But fuck him- I made him deal with it anyway.  I wound up having to sit with them- the photo is sort of funny- and I’m sure in years to come, we’ll totally laugh at it!

I got a good amount of shopping done.  Aside from the food court, the mall wasn’t that crowded.  Maddie chowed down on a kid’s meal from Wendys- she ate the ENTIRE hamburger. I talked with a shop keeper at one of those perfume kiosks in the middle of the mall- he said that the mall has been really slow.  People looking around for deals, but not a lot of purchasing.  You could almost see the sadness and worry in his eyes as he told me.  It’s really that bad out there.

Speaking of bad, John’s company announced a workforce reduction of 20%… even though his division’s numbers for 2008 were up.  There are anticipating 2009 to be bad, so they’re cutting heads.  Of course, it’s all the same- once one company starts doing it, it just rolls down the hill.  The more people that are let go, the less money people have to shop, the worse companies do, the more people get laid off…. ad infinitum.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed over here, but we’re still a little anxious!  

I only hope that John’s stellar performance this year will save him… but you just never know.  I’ll update everyone once we know something for sure- but a few prayers and/or positive vibes to the universe would be appreciated!

Even though it’s a bit scary- for today I am 

  1. grateful that no matter what happens, John and I have each other- and because of this- we can, and will, be able to handle everything and anything that comes to pass.
  2. grateful that I have my faith to cling to- that I know it is all planned, and that it’s all for a greater purpose.
  3. grateful that Maddie, although sick today, is healthy and strong.
  4. grateful that when I miss a little sleep, I can always turn to a good pot of coffee.
  5. grateful that my king size bed cheerfully accommodates one tossing-and-turning sick child, one snoring husband, and a wife with restless legs!

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