Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 10, 2008


In preparation for Christmas, I wanted to start a gratitude journal. Although this is probably something I should’ve started at the beginning of Advent.. better late than never.   I was toying around with starting a new, gratitude blog- but I can hardly manage this blog- let alone a new one.

I HOPE to be able to blog at least five items I’m grateful for daily….

  1. I’m grateful that my mother lives close by and wants to have a meaningful relationship with my daughter (and gives me a break by watching her).
  2. I’m grateful that my husband is so understanding and helpful- that he is right in there with me, taking care of Maddie and making sure her needs are fulfilled.
  3. I’m grateful that even though I’m not as skinny as I want to be, that I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch today.
  4. I’m grateful for 24 hour noggin and sprout networks (see previous post).
  5. I’m greatful for coffee- the only way I’m still awake after last night’s cartoon marathon.

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