Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 9, 2008

“I spilled”

Maddie is sick, AGAIN!  She was just sick and on antibiotics for bronchitis 3 1/2 weeks ago and she’s sick again.  I suppose this is what I’m in for, now- until Maddie is able to drive her own behind to the doctor, right?  Her nose has been running since last Thursday.  I was hoping to FINALLY get Maddie in for a well visit today, and get her the shots she needs (and a flu shot, too) but there is no way the doctor is going to give her shots in her current state.

This morning when she woke up, she had a terrible coughing fit that went on for about 15 minutes.  She couldn’t get her breath and she wouldn’t drink anything either.  She finally gagged and spit up a ton of phlegm- at least it was clear- but it was pretty nasty.  The initial monster spit ball landed on the floor of my bedroom.  Spew number two on my shoulder.  Number three all over the toilet bowl- she didn’t make it in time.  Maddie was surprised by the entire episode- asking “what happened?”… I said, “you spit up!”  She said, “mommy, I spilled!”  We all had a good laugh over that one.  

Once she hacked- she was OK.  But still coughing.  By the time I took her to the doctor, she had a slight wheeze to her breath- but the doc said her lungs were clear.  She does have the start of an ear infection and she’s teething- which makes all that saliva.  Oh joy.  Ten days of antibiotics and back in three weeks to hopefully get that check up and the shots that she is now super late for.

We bribed her with a happy meal after the doc visit was over- although the bribe did nothing to curb her absolutely PSYCHOTIC crying episode in the doctor’s office.  It was HORRIBLE and I always feel like a huge asshole.  Every other kid doesn’t start crying until shots are administered; mine starts crying when we park in front of the building!  I”m sure the other mothers in the waiting room were giving me the stink eye for not being able to calm my kid down.  The nurses must have notes in Maddie’s chart to put ear plugs in.  No amount of Disney Princess sticker will calm her down!

The doctor is convinced that Maddie’s old doctor traumatized her in some way.  I wouldn’t be surprised- considering the wait times we had there!

She’s finally down for a nap- hopefully we’ve nipped this one and she’ll get better fast.



  1. LOL- She has a pavlovian response to the doctor!!

    Sorry she’s not feeling well. Hope all is better soon!

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