Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 8, 2008

Christmas Card Anxiety/Competition….

I already blogged today- but I just have to get this off my chest. What the HELL is with this christmas card competition amongst parents… like- my kid is soooo cuter, or my digital SLR camera with the $2,000 lense take pictures that are sooooo more artsy than yours, and my kid has the perfect smile and has perfect teeth, etc etc.

I’m not naming names, but on a parenting website community I frequent every other post is, “Jack’s Christmas Card” or “what do you think of this photo for christmas cards” or “what do you think of this layout”..

Maybe it’s because my kid is 2 and REFUSES to sit still, go to a photo studio, or sit on santa’s knee… but I really don’t put THAT much fuss into christmas cards.

Yes, I do still send a photo of Maddie out- but I don’t pay $250 for a professional photographer. Do these parents really think that the recipient of the uber-designed christmas card is going to critique it? Or, do you think people REALLY hang onto them for years and years (well maybe the grandparents do)?

Please people- there is so much more important stuff to worry about than if little Jack’s shirt collar is JUST SO! Chill!



  1. i’d just like to add that i took our xmas card pics and the two i’m using came out really good. and i found the cards with the box to insert the photo because i don’t have $50 to spend on the printed xmas cards.

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