Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 25, 2008

Please think about giving this year…

I know times are hard.  You only have to turn on CNN or CNBC for 30 seconds to get an earful of what is going on.  People are getting let go left and right.  No one is safe.  BUT- with all the worry and all the doubt- maybe you can give just a little something to someone who needs it.

Just this past weekend Newsday (I know, I know- what can I say, I like the Sunday coupons) did a special feature on the horrible state of food banks on Long Island.  My church (St. Martin of Tours in Amityville) anticipates handing out 150 Thanksgiving food baskets.  That’s 150 families in one parish.  Extrapolate that across all the parishes on Long Island and you’ll see just how dire the situation truly is.  I can only imagine that it will get worse in time for Christmas; knowing how companies like to trim down their “bottom line” (read: salaries) before year’s end. 

There are so many options for every one of us to make a difference.  If each one of us spent an extra $5 when at the supermarket on canned goods like soups, vegetables, and fruits, the food pantries wouldn’t be in such short supply.  I know with the cost of food these days, the last thing anyone wants to do is add to their food bill.  But please, think about it.

There are other organizations out there, like NYCares – that get Christmas presents to children that wouldn’t otherwise get anything.  Yes, I know- when there are so many that go hungry, a kid not getting a Christmas present doesn’t seem like such a harsh injustice- but think back to your own childhood and whatever you celebrated, and think about not having a present to open.  Think about what it means to these kids, and to our society as a whole, that there are people out there willing to give to strangers.  Maybe these kids will think about this one day when they are adults and return the favor to someone else in need.  If people do, indeed, “pay it forward”- think about what type of world we can create for ourselves.  Think about the love you can give to someone without ever meeting them!  And then, think about how that would make you feel.  8,479 children wrote letters that, as of tomorrow, are going to go unanswered because people haven’t signed up to fulfill their winter wishes. 

I know there are plenty that will read this blog and will say, but I do give- and I have nothing more to give.. and that’s OK too.  But if you have anything to spare… please consider giving it to someone in need.



  1. I try to make a donation every year at this time to the Community Food Bank of NJ. Thanks for reminding me amidst all the baby hubbub!

    We need to squirrel away every penny we can right now with the kid coming and our Oldsmobile going to the big junkyard in the sky, but I gave more this year than last simply because I know it’s needed all the more.

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