Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 24, 2008

Out doing stuff….

That’s my excuse- I was out doing stuff- so I couldn’t blog (wow, I think I missed like two days- a record). 

Saturday I drove into NYC to hang with my girl Rachel.  I haven’t had a girl day sans child in NYC in FOREVER (at least since the Elvis Costello show debacle I went with Rachel to- that’s a different blog all together).

Anyway- met Rach at her place and got a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT of her apartment!  Seriously- IN FRONT!  AND I didn’t have to circle the block.. It was right there WAITING FOR ME!  Clearly the parking Gods were smiling down on me as I really needed to pee and was ready to orchestrate a trade with Rachel (so she could sit in the car double parked while I went up to use her loo).. but alas, that didn’t have to be! 

After the parking coup, I was so happy, it didn’t matter what we did.  But, we did have some fun!  After taking a sushi lunch break (besides drinking wine, possibly the only other thing I missed when I was pregnant) we got manicures.  It was so luxurious.  Seriously.  How sad is that?  When is the last time a $10 purchase made you feel luxurious?  I haven’t gotten a manicure in like six months.  I’m sure the nail lady (um, technician? whatever) was talking about the state of my cuticles in Korean to her colleague.  Not to mention the fact that she had to file off the “I-swear-I’m-not-6-years-old-gold-sparkly-nail-polish” off my fingers. *

After the manicure, Rachel and I decided that we HAD TO find fun, slouchy winter hats to wear.  It was also freezing, so that was a huge motivating force.  Happily, we found hats at the first street vendor we checked out on Broadway.  Armed with our new hats, we walked down to Urban Outfitters where I proceeded to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. 

What’s with Urban Outfitters anyway.  Every time I buy something there, the shop-person forgets to take the security tag off.  Is this what they do to people that are too old to be shopping there?  Harass them until they stop coming back?  Sheesh!

After the Urban Outfitters situation, we were all shopped out, so we decided to head over to Bin 71for a drink.  Bin 71 is an adorable wine bar on Columbus ave and (duh) 71st Street.  I had two glasses of a delish Cotes du Rhone (drop the S Dina… seriously- why do I ALWAYS forget to drop the S in French).  Bin 71 is really teeny tiny, so I imagine getting seats at the bar would be difficult- but the atmosphere is really perfect for a cold, blustery evening… something festive about everyone huddling together at the bar over a good glass of wine.

Oh- and I forgot to add that, since we were close, we stopped by Magnolia Bakery.  I thought it would be nice to pick a few cupcakes up for my husband, since he was on toddler duty all day.  Magnolia Bakery was packed- they must sell a LOT of cupcakes.  At $3 a pop, I thought they’d be better.  Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the cupcakes were dry (I had chocolate, husband vanilla- both dry) and the icing too plentiful and too sweet.  Oh well- it didn’t stop my husband from eating two of them one after the other!

It was a perfect day.  I got home at 10:00pm and was immediately ready to cuddle in bed with my husband and watch TV.  Of course, my daughter was still awake- but it was nice to get some sloppy kisses from her anyway!

*Let me state for the record that the only reason I had “I-swear-I’m-not-6-years-old-gold-sparkly-nail-polish” on my fingers in the first place was because prior to the “I-swear-I’m-not-6-years-old-gold-sparkly-nail-polish” I had “I’m-really-cool-and-read-fashion-magazines-shimmery-navy-blue/purple” nail polish on.  The problem with “I’m-really-cool-and-read-fashion-magazines-shimmery-navy-blue/purple” nail polish is that when removing it, it spreads all over your nails, nail beds, and fingers, making you look as if you’re about to morph into a smurf (or that guy that drank colloidal silver and turned blue. )  To hide all the blue on my fingers, I pained them gold as the gold nail polish is very thick and would hide the blue.


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