Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 17, 2008


Mary’s memorial was today.  The whole day was sort of a blur.  I woke up early to go to church (well- I didn’t get to church until 10:30, but hey- I tried).  I feel the need to go to church to sit and have an hour to myself, and to drop food off at the food pantry for Thanksgiving.  It’s scary how fast Thanksgiving is coming up this year, isn’t it?  Blink your eyes, and it’s gonna be Christmas.  Shit.  I better start spending money fast.  

When I got back, I took Maddie in her PJs with her “new” vans (Autumn’s hand-me-downs- thanks Cath) and quickly drove over to my mom’s house to bring over the baklava I made last night.  I cut the baklava into bite-size pieces and wanted to put them in baking cups (I got this cool bleach-free, environmentally friendly ones).  So of course, my mom had a house-full of people over so it was a little chaotic.  Maddie doesn’t take to our out-of-town family well- so she was running around like a maniac, doing that fake cry, and I was doing my best not to get honey all over my mom’s table cloth.

Made it out by 1.00pm and raced home (thank God we only live a mile away).  John was already showered and ironing his clothing.  I spent 30 minutes trying on everything in my closet in order to find something that was memorial appropriate.  I settled on a black skirt and gray sweater with pearls and black round-toe pumps.  Working up a sweat didn’t help.

Made it to the church JUST in time.  It’s so impossible trying to get anywhere on time with a toddler. Why is it- when I look at the clock and say- “ok, I have 20 minutes until I have to get there- which leaves me plenty of time”, the time just seems to POOF and I’m rushing and always on the brink of being late.

Anyway, we made it.  We sat down, and it was a very nice memorial at my step sisters Methodist church.  We sang, “How Great Thou Art”- I really like that song but don’t feel the need to sing EVERY verse.  Why is it every time I am in that church they insist on singing all four or five verses of every song?  I was hoarse by the time it was all over.  Maddie was actually pretty well behaved during the service; although she did (as usual) feel the need to speak out just the minute the pastor started speaking.  Kids MUST have radar- to start speaking about ANYTHING the minute the attention should be on something or someone else.  At least it was just family at the service- we got a kick out of Maddie pointing out her “new special shoes” to everyone.

After the service mom & Rich had everyone back to their house.  Easily 100 people.  It was packed!  Thank God for the tent she put up in the yard (yes, it was heated… although with all the people, it didn’t need it).  Towards the end of the evening, Richie took to the piano and people started taking turns singing Mary’s favorite songs.  It was nice, although I have to admit I lost it a little when someone sang “pennies from heaven”.  That is the song Mary used to sing every year at mom and Rich’s holiday party.  

All-in-all a very nice, but overly emotional AND exhausting day.



  1. I love that everyone sang her favorite songs- what a wonderful tribute!

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