Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 11, 2008

Grandma’s buddy

Why is it, that when my mother watches Maddie she is a perfect little angel?  She hardly EVER misbehaves and acts like Grandma’s perfect little buddy?  When I call my mom to vent about Maddie being a punk (which she can totally be and usually is mostly to me) she almost doesn’t believe me!  It’s as if my daughter has two personalities: mommy’s punk-a-rella and grandma’s angel girl.

I cannot believe how quickly children learn to charm and manipulate others to get the positive outcomes they desire.  Sometimes, I want to applaud her- because what she’s doing really is emotionally intelligent- even though it is ANNOYING AS HELL SOMETIMES!!!!  And don’t get me wrong, my kid could totally take a shit on the floor, and I wouldn’t be that mad… but sometimes, when she is super snarky, I can get uber frustrated.  Thank goodness for good red wine.

Tonight is a key example.  John and I had RCIA (sunday school for grown ups) and my mom was watching Maddie at our house.  We got home at 8:45pm and Maddie was already sleeping.  Not only was she already sleeping but, get this- she actually ASKED to go to sleep.

What the hell, the kid runs us ragged most nights.. causing us to have a pretty pathetic sex life, and she ASKS my mom to go to bed.. of her own free will?

Of course, she’s not sleeping in her own bed- she’s in ours.  So John will have to transfer her over when he comes up later.  I will guiltily get some time to cuddle her in bed and pet her little head and smell her sleepy girl smells.  It makes me all giddy just thinking about it.  After two years I STILL can get insta-mushed up all over my little baby.

And THAT’s why she walks all over me folks.  But that’s OK- I suppose I did the same thing to my mom (still do) … I’m always extra sweet to my gram.


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