Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 5, 2008

overheard in the doc’s waiting room today

Funny banter between husband and wife (I think) in the waiting room of a surgeon who I was consulting regarding removal of a cyst from my elbow.  Keep in mind, woman has that long island jewish accent

wife:  after going on-and-on about this and that- “so, how was your day?”

husband:  “eh- nothing exciting”

wife:  “You go out of the house and into New York City where you see 32 million people in one day and you have nothing to tell me.  I stay in the house all day and never leave and I have five stories to tell you?”

husband:  proceeds to tell wife all about his business meetings…

It was actually sort of sweet.  You could tell at first that the husband just wanted to read the paper- but once they got going and talking to each other it was adorable.

God knows what the woman had.  I know the surgeon specializes in Breast issues- so she could have had cancer… I hope though, like me, she was just there for a stupid cyst.


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