Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 5, 2008


Monday night John came with me to a doctor appointment (more on that at a later date- not sure if I’m ready to blog about it yet).  We didn’t get out of there until 7:30pm and we STARVING so we decided to stop at Taco Bell and grab a quick, cheap bite.

I don’t know about the Taco Bell in your neighborhood… but the local West Babylon Taco Bell on Montauk Highway is a teen hang out.  We were DEFINITELY the oldest patrons there.

I’ve blogged about this before- being the oldest person in a room full of teenagers… and for some reason I always ponder how these kids see us (John & I)… probably as grown ups, far removed from their every day life.  But, of course, John & I don’t see ourselves that way- we see ourselves more as teenagers.  Still unsure of our life choices, our direction, our goals…

But- this blog isn’t about that.  It’s about laughter.

Why laughter?  Well, remember being a teenager and hanging out with a bunch of your friends and just laughing your ass off?  That’s what we witnessed at Taco Bell Monday night; a table of teenagers (maybe 16-18 years old) eating a few tacos and hysterically laughing.

I got jealous.  Because think, when was the last time you laughed like that?  With that type of carefree abandon?  I mentioned it to John, and we both realized that THAT brand of laughter- that hysterical, knee-slapping, pig snorting laughter is something that sort of dies the minute you become a “responsible, bill-paying, adult”.

It’s not that you don’t WANT or NEED to laugh… it’s just that, well, life gets in the way, time is money, and we don’t allow ourselves to laugh.

And that is DAMN sad.

So my promise to myself and to my husband is to make time every week to laugh like those teenagers at the Taco Bell in West Babylon.  That type of laughter is good for the soul!



  1. Amen. It certainly doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but I TOTALLY appreciate it when it does. We manage to do that approx. once a month.

    I think when you’re a busy adult, your funny muscle atrophies if you neglect it. If you take time for humor every day, it stays in shape and the pee-your-pants-laughing moments come more frequently.

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