Posted by: dinainsuburbia | November 2, 2008

and the cough goes on….

Yup, Maddie is still coughing.  Last night she woke at 2.30am with a pretty vicious fit of coughing.  Thankfully, now that she is 2 years old we are able to *slightly* reason with the kid.  John and I both told her to “not cry because it just makes it worse” and she got it!  Her cough isn’t as seal-like as it was the night prior- now it’s more loose which I suppose is better- although i’ve heard the croup is more scary sounding than it really is.

Still no fever… which is a plus.  Currently Maddie hass taken residence on the couch with blanket while John lays on the floor (his choice) and watches football (ahhh the Sundays of fall).  Of course I’m not going to complain- this leaves me free to blog, right?

 Went to Church at noon- little later than normal- you would think since the clocks went back I would’ve been earlier, right?  Strange.  Anyway- today was All Souls day… and I’m thankful that I actually held it together in church.  Although added incentive was the fact that the Deacon who runs RCIA was at mass and saw me, (and I was wearing bright green so therefore stuck out like a sore thumb) and I didn’t want to make an idiot out of myself.  Now that Maddie and I go to the 2-year-old pre-pre-school program at the school I’m starting to actually know people in town- and ran into two mommies at mass today.  That was cool.

No real plans for the rest of Sunday- keeping Maddie house bound again; and I’m sure she’ll nap for about 2 hours anyway.



  1. Poor sweetie. Another thing I have to look forward to. Did you do the steamy shower thing? Did it help at all?

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