Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 28, 2008

rain rain go away, Maddie’s birthday is today

I was awoken at 6:00am by a terrific thunder storm.  Loud cracks and bright bolts that lit up our entire bedroom.  The storm was definitely right over our roof.  I was amazed that my daughter wasn’t woken by the storm, that’s how loud it was.  But- then I heard the rain and I thought that I better go downstairs to check the “leak spot”.  

Since we moved in this past June we’ve had leak after leak.  We’ve had people come in and fix, patch, seal, etc., but it seems every time we get a heavy rain, the water finds a way to come in.  The leak is right by Maddie’s toys, so I wanted to get downstairs right away to set up buckets so as not to cause damage to her toy box, or the new wooden kitchen that took John 3 1/2 hours to assemble.  Of course, it was leaking- it was just too hard a rain for it not to.  I set up 2 pots to catch the drips and went upstairs to try and get more sleep.

But of course, I was up… and I started thinking about this night 2 years ago when Maddie was born.  Strangely enough, the weather was very similar.  So similar, in fact, that I remember as we were leaving the house at 1am  to head to the hospital I turned to John and said, “it was a dark and stormy night.”  

Looking back over the past two years it is hard to imagine that it has only been two years and that our life hasn’t always been consumed by a little girl with curly hair and dimples.  What did we DO the 3 1/2 years we were married before having Maddie?  I know I was in b-school, john was working two jobs- and we spent an awful lot of Sunday mornings in bed until 11am (ok- so maybe we both miss that a little bit)…. 

It is amazing, how much we love our little girl- before having her, we didn’t know that type of love, and didn’t know we had it in us.. but it came out the moment she was born (well.. for John- for me, maybe the next day since I was VERY groggy from the c-section).

happy 2nd birthday Madeline Paige- mommy and daddy love you so very much!



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