Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 27, 2008

the dust settled on the birthday weekend!

The weekend is over and the dust just settled on Maddie’s birthday weekend extravaganza.  I can’t say that my house is back to normal (so many toys and gifts to put away still) but we are getting there.  We had a great weekend.  I cannot say enough about the staff at My Gym where we had Maddie’s party for the kiddies on Saturday.  I can’t imagine running a party with 16 kids under 5 is easy- but they made it seem effortless.  We managed to get by the hour and a half with no injuries and all the kids seemed to have a ton of fun.

We served pizza and cupcakes at the party and they were a hit.  I was going to make cupcakes and frosting from scratch- but I figured the kids would be more than happy eating a betty crocker… and they were!  The sweetest part of the whole day was seeing the 16 kids all sitting around a table eating slices of pizza.  It was adorable!  I got to see a lot of friends that I don’t, unfortunately, get to see that often.. and it was awesome to just catch up with everyone. 

On Sunday we had a family party (immediate family, cousins, etc).  It was a little crazy because I only had two hours between coming home from church and the time the party started to sort everything out.  Thankfully, it was brunch- so all that had to be done was make coffee, fruit salad, put out the lox, etc.  It was fun to have everyone in our new place, too!  My cousin Chris made the most amazing bear birthday cake for Maddie- she ate a HUGE piece! 

This morning when Maddie woke up she asked, “sing happy birthday today?”  I suppose that’s the danger of having more than one party, Maddie thinks it is now something to be incorporated into every day life!


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