Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 24, 2008


I just have to put this out there…. I’m watching CNBC and was stunned to hear that many big name companies are laying of 5%, 10% and even upwards of 25% of their workforce due to the economy.  I’m left scratching my head here because the more people laid off, the worse the economy gets because the less money people have to spend on the “stuff” people “need”.

I remember when I was in business school we talked a lot about Japan and how their companies try their hardest to not lay-off the typical workers.  Normally, they’ll lay off management, but let the little guy keep their job.  Of course, we know in this country the little guy is no one- it’s all about the CEO.

I’m just sad and a little bit fuming…. we haven’t been hit too hard yet, but I’m getting a little scared.



  1. I think the media has a big hand in all this. I’m sure that’s one area of our economy that isn’t suffering record layoffs.

    I don’t think anyone knows for sure just how long and how severe this recession will be, but with the media convincing us all we’ll soon be standing on breadlines, it’s no wonder companies are preemptively laying off workers–they’ve gotta reduce payroll to keep their profits up to calm their panicking stockholders.


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