Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 24, 2008

completely busy crazy weekend ahead!

Hold onto your socks!  This weekend is going to be COMPLETELY crazy!  I’m delighted to have my grandma and grandpa up visiting from Florida (I totally melt when Maddie says, “come on great-grandma”… how cute is that) for Maddie’s birthday celebration weekend.

I say weekend, because the festivities are literally stretched over the entire weekend.  A few months ago I blogged how I was having kid birthday anxiety and, somehow, what birthday celebration I planned would some how contribute, either positively or negatively, to the type of person Maddie would grow up to be.  Ridiculous, I know- but I know I’m not the only person that thinks that way.

Scared to have 15 kids running around my house, I decided to have the kid birthday party at My Gym, a kid’s gym that features ball-pits, zip-lines, climbing walls, etc.  I thought this was a good choice for several reasons:  I didn’t have to clean up, I didn’t have to worry about weather, and I didn’t have to run the show.  I could just show up!

This is all great and easy- but I still have to make sure I have pizza, drinks, cupcakes for the party, goodie bags, etc.  In addition, I have my grandparents here, so they are eating dinner over my house tonight (I guess I’ll make gram help me bake the cupcakes tonight).  I also am having my family over my house Sunday for a family birthday party.  I’m doing brunch, nothing major- but I still have to clean my house from top to bottom and set up! 

Saturday night my mom & Richie (step-dad) are gigging at a local restaurant. So since the grandparents are in town, we’re all heading over there Saturday night for dinner.  What does this add up to?  Every minute of my time is accounted for.  It’s going to be a tough one… Thankfully, John “volunteered” to stay home from church Sunday (you know he was like- I’ll do it!) so he can clean before everyone comes over.  It’s a great trade off… I’d rather be at church & he’d probably rather be home cleaning.  Ha Ha.

I am psyched, though, to see our friends this weekend- many of whom I haven’t seen for a very long time!  And I know, even though I’ll be totally busy, we’ll all have a great time.  Expect a review/photos once the dust has settled!


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