Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 19, 2008

Our crazy weekend on the road (Mattituck & Montauk)

Saturday morning John & I woke up and looked at each other with horror- we had no plans!  No plans with a toddler is not a place you want to be.  You want activity.  You want to be OUT OF THE HOUSE.  You do NOT want your kid sitting in front of the TV in diapers all day.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of relatively inexpensive things to do on Long Island- so we figured we’d give them a shot. 

On Saturday, I decided we should go pumpkin picking as Halloween is right around the corner and our stoop was sans jack-o-lantern.   And I decided the best place to do this was the Harbes Family Farm in Mattituck.  The Harbes family actually have three farms, but their Mattituck location is the only one with u-pick pumpkins, hay rides, AND a petting zoo.  

Apparently half of Long Island had the same idea because the farm was PACKED!  Actually, it was sort of like a farm amusement park; concession stand serving roasted corn and fresh-squeezed lemonade, face-painting, gem mining (ok- I don’t get it) and a wizard-of-oz themed corn maze (I’m sorry, but I just don’t DO corn mazes… not since the Children of the Corn).  

We bought our tickets to the hay ride and fed the sheep/goats while we waited.

the goat was friendly- the horse tried to eat John's jacket!

the goat was friendly- the horse tried to eat John's coat

The tractor was back in no time, and we all climbed up the back and waited for our hay ride.  Ok, it wasn’t exactly a hay ride because the wagon was pimped-out with real seats with a bail of hay here or there for show.  John was bummed because it wasn’t “authentic”- that was, until we were introduced to 81-year-old Farmer Stan who was our driver/tour-guide on our trip.  We got a real sense of the farm; crops that are currently farmed, as well as crops that were farmed back in the day (potatoes and cabbage).  Now, the east-end of Long Island is mostly grapes for wine, sod, and corn, along with a bunch of u-pick farms (if you do a blog search- you’ll see I’ve been to a few of them this year).

on the "hay" ride

hay ride group shot

After the hay ride- we let Maddie play in the play ground for a little while.  This sufficiently tired her out- so we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch.  Quite frankly, it’s a little late in the season for U-Pick pumpkins anyway.  Most patches are picked over by now.  We decided to pick out a few pumpkins at the farm stand.

farmer Maddie

farmer Maddie

We went home and I went food shopping and we grilled out (see blog post below this one about the last cook out of the season).

This morning, John looked at me and said, call me crazy, but lets drive out to Montauk.  Now- if you don’t know, Montauk is at the very end of Long Island and 80 miles east of our house.  He’s never been east of Bridgehampton (for his job) and wanted to see the light house. We didn’t have any other plans so we took the ride.  We actually *gasp* skipped church today to do so.  I’m in big spiritual trouble now!

What we didn’t anticipate was that Montauk was going to be FREEZING and windy!  We actually didn’t stay too long and didn’t go up the lighthouse either because the walk was too far and we forgot Maddie’s stroller (some parents we are).  We were afraid Maddie was going to be swept up and out to sea- that’s how windy it was.

I’m not sure from the picture if you can get an idea of how rough the sea was- but the fisherman in the center kept trying to stand up on a rock (unsuccessfully) and kept getting pushed back down by the sea.


After we took a few pictures in front of the light house- we made our way to Gurneys Inn for some lunch.  We sat at a table with an excellent view of the sea and enjoyed a quick, and affordable, lunch of burgers and paninis.  I had the clam chowder, too (Manhattan style).  It was OK- not the best I ever had- but hit the spot as I was still freezing from earlier.

We made our way home after Gurneys- taking a few back roads to drool over the beautiful (and unattainable) houses.  It was pretty sad to realize, that unless we win the lottery, we will never be able to purchase one of those homes.  On the way home we picked up some coffee at the Hampton Coffee Company.  We also stopped at the Bridgehampton KMart which is the most un-Kmart Kmart I’ve ever been in.  One of John’s accounts, he stops there a few times each year; he has talked about it quite a bit, so I figured we should check it out.  It didn’t disappoint. 

So that’s our crazy weekend. Easily over 200 miles driven- but we had a great time.


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