Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 16, 2008

Just too sad.

We’re all waiting to get the phone call; that Mary has passed on from this life to the next.  Every time the phone rings, I hold my breath thinking that it’s “the call”.  

It’s terribly sad.  To think that it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago that we were all sitting around her dining room table eating Zorns and celebrating her 83 birthday.  She was laughing and watching the girls play on the floor of her kitchen.  We were all joking around.  And now: she’s in hospice.  We’re told she is comfortable, and that she isn’t suffering.  But, how can any of us know until it is our turn to take that journey?  We can only make assumptions and hope that we are right.

It’s surreal… this transition from life to death.  On the one hand it’s terrifying.  It is unknown.  It can’t be known.  If we were sure of death, I suppose we wouldn’t need faith; and what a terrible world it would be with out faith.  I suppose I find comfort knowing that it’s a journey we all have to make; no one is exempt from the hardest, and scariest, party of life.

I know some day we all will meet again;  but in what way, where, and what form, we can’t know.  At least, not yet.



  1. Waiting for the same call about my grandfather. It sucks that people have to leave us…

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