Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 15, 2008

The last debate and other musings

So, tonight is the last debate… THANK GOODNESS!!!  I cannot wait for votes to be cast and for the decision to be made.  Seriously, this election has gone on long enough.  Can’t we move election day up to next week?

All kidding aside, John and I re-registered to vote in time for New York’s October 11th deadline.  So we will certainly be pulling the lever this November.

I just had CNBC on a few minutes ago, and after realizing the Dow was taking another dive, had to turn it off.  Seriously, I couldn’t imagine what the tension must be like being a trader on the floor, could you?  I bet traders’ doctor visits for prescription antacids are through the roof!

John and I finally got around to watching the most recently DVR’d episodes of Dexter and Heroes.  Yowzer!  I feel like with Heroes, I need to start taking notes on which character is doing what!  I can’t wait to see what happens next week.


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