Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 13, 2008

My kid loves shoes but has “shoe man” anxiety!

I don’t know what it is, but Maddie is TERRIFIED of shoe sales people.  What’s absolutely strange about this, though, is that Maddie LOVES shoes.  She’s almost two and already has a shoe fetish!  She is so serious about her shoes, that she picks them out every morning.  She even makes sure the shoes match!  

It’s adorable, actually, watching her pull open her “shoe drawer” (I keep her shoes in the bottom drawer of her dresser) and make her shoe decision.   Once she decides what shoe she wants to wear, she sticks with it.

Today we went to the kid shoe department at Nordstrom and she had a field day!  I figured I might as well pick up some cold-weather boots before they sell out.  So, I got her black uggs!  Hard to believe that this is already her third pair (I get her a pair every season).  Unfortunately, the bigger she gets, the more expensive they are!  

I really like the kids shoe department at Nordstrom.  The sales person, Mr. Arnold, was very sweet; he actually got down to Maddie’s level to try to stop her from crying AND gave her a balloon!  Balloon gifty aside, she didn’t stop crying until Mr. Arnold brought the shoes and left!  Sorry Mr. Arnold, it wasn’t you, I swear…. you should hear how she is in Stride Rite!  But seriously, while I can’t step one foot into Stride Rite with Maddie, she was relatively OK in the Nordstrom shoe department.   I think it’s because on the third floor, the department is open to the rest of the selling floor.  In addition, they have a television playing kid shows and a mini table and chairs for the kiddies.  

We walked away with more shoes than we intended (not only the Uggs but a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes that aren’t exactly MY style, but Maddie LOVES them… she’s actually taking a nap with them on right now and hasn’t taken them off).



  1. Huh. Do you take her current shoes off before the shoe man brings the new shoes or do you let him do that? Maybe she thinks he’s trying to steal her shoes, rather than give her new, additional shoes? Does she understand that she’s getting *more* shoes and that her beloved shoes she came in with aren’t being taken away? Who knows what goes on in kids’ minds…

    She seemed pretty calm that time we were in Foot Locker and she got the sparkly Converse sneakers.

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