Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 12, 2008

Either the economy isn’t as bad as “they” are saying, or it hasn’t trickled down to L.I. yet…

Yesterday my Step Mother, Sister, and I went to Roosevelt Field Mall to do some shopping and have some girl-only time.  My Step Mom wanted to treat me to a pair of shoes for my birthday (sheesh.. Mid October and I’m STILL celebrating).

The mall was packed!  People were practically shoulder-to-shoulder walking the hallways.  Forget about trying to find a table at the food court; Kristen and I almost had to hip-check our way in while balancing food trays. 

So what’s going on here?

Either, like some suggest, the economy isn’t as bad as some say it is OR the shit storm hasn’t trickled down to Long Island yet OR Long Island, as a suburb to New York City is slightly insulated OR people are just plain stupid and continue to shop and spend money they don’t have.

I just don’t think that 100% of the people at the mall are fiscally irresponsible…although I’m not exactly sure what the percentage would be (40% 50%? 60%?).  So it makes me think, are the conspiracy theorists right that this bail-out rescue package was really for the rich, big-wig bankers to save their shirts? Has the bail-outrescue package really helped out main street like Democrats and Republicans alike have promised?  Keep in mind, main street has been screwed for a really long time.  I know a LOT of us are way worse off than we’ve been in a long time.  Yes, some of that is personal responsibility, but I can’t help but think that the reason why the average American’s salary has remained flat or decreased is because the money gained from increased productivity has been lining the CEO’s pockets and their golden parachutes.  It’s no secret that the average CEO’s salary is at least 465 times the average worker (where as in 1990 it was only (only!) 130 times that of an average worker.  (An interesting article about income disparity here.)

I really don’t think, without sweeping reform, that any of this will change.  The rich (and yes, Senators McCain AND Obama.. this means YOU) have incentive to stay rich.  The middle-class (well, what’s left of us) will continue to try and keep our heads above water and live out the “American Dream” (meaning working more and more hours for less and less pay).

Major companies treat the average worker like cogs in the wheel, stripping away every possible perk and benefit for the sake of the shareholders (no more company picnics, bowling parties, family days, etc) and yet, what of the CEOs perks?  The whole thing really pisses me off!

I have a sinking feeling that this bail-out rescue plan was all a big, fat lie.   That it wasn’t to save main street, but wall street and it won’t make a lick of difference to the average American until it comes time to pay the bill!  In a way I hope I am wrong (although if I AM wrong, then expect the economy to keep getting worse for some time).



  1. Apparently individual spending goes up during times of crisis like this as a means of escapism. Let’s just hope for their benefit that all the dopes at the mall are paying cash. Were there a lot of sales at the mall to lure people in to spend?

    My biggest issue with corporate America is how it kowtows to the shareholders at the expense of employee welfare, satisfaction and retention. I don’t think BS like “it’s just business” or “that’s capitalism for ya” cut the mustard anymore.

    I had another salient point to make, but it’s almost 2:30 am and my Tylenol PM is just starting to kick in, so I totally forgot what it was 🙂

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