Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 8, 2008

Biking Fool.

Today I biked to my Dad’s showroom.  It isn’t exactly far away, although I’m not certain of the official distance.  It took me all of 10 or 15 minutes (I don’t wear a watch, so I have no idea).  The first half of the ride I was a little apprehensive.  After all, it’s been a good 6 or 7 years since my last bike ride in Cape May with John (we rented bikes- it was a load of fun and a GREAT way to check out the Victorian houses, so I HIGHLY recommend it).

The good news is: I made it in one piece.  The not-so-good news is I worked up probably too much of a sweat for a ride on completely flat, below-sea-level terrain.


But, it’s a step, right?  I’m not ignorant to the fact that I NEED to exercise.  I also need to stretch as evidenced by the fact that when I wake up in the morning it takes a little TOO much effort to get upright.  Scary.



  1. DH has been dying to buy bikes and take up riding! BUT- we have nowhere to put them (we live in a 2nd floor apartmet) and he has enough expensive hobbies for the moment-lol.

    I use the Couch to 5K podcast by Robert Ullrey (you can find it free on iTunes). I’m using the program to train for a late November 5K. I’m only on week 2- but it’s pretty easy so far.

    The couch to 5k program is here:

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