Posted by: dinainsuburbia | October 2, 2008

Well…. maybe the nay-sayers are right about the bail-out plan? (and what I bought at the mall)

I just got back from Roosevelt Field Mall.  For those of you that don’t know, Roosevelt Field is THE mall on Long Island.  It’s the biggest and has the best stores (Bloomies, Nordstroms, etc).  It also has a bunch of higher end, non-department stores as well.  It isn’t as high end as New Jersey’s Short Hills (one of the main things I miss about NJ) but it’s way better than your run-of-the-mill mall with a Macy’s anchor.

Anyway- what’s my point?  My point is the mall had a decent amount of shoppers!  In Nordstrom’s point-of-view section (my favorite- if you are over 30 and sick of dealing with junior-sized clothing, go there) there were quite a few shoppers and the staff was busy attending to them diligently.  In Bloomingdale’s shoe department there were quite a few women waiting to be helped and the staff was very busy running back and forth and attending to the register.

I know Long Island isn’t in as bad shape as other parts of America… but dang, I couldn’t help but think maybe this panic is just a little bit in our collective heads?  Maybe Ron Paul is right and we just need to let the market correct itself and not throw good money after bad?  

Well, what do I know, I’m not an economist or anything.. I’m just trying to use common sense here.

As an aside.. if anyone is interested in what I got with my gift cards.. I made a KILLING.. which is strange for me because as I am SOOOOO NOT a skinny minnie I sometimes get shopping anxiety when things don’t fit, etc.

I guess my first piece of advise is, stop going to skinny minnie stores!  Chances are, the pants at Forever 21 aren’t going to look right on you!  I know they don’t look good over my Italian-Ass!  While Forever 21 does have some kick-ass-cheap accessories… buy your pants somewhere else.

I got a few shirts by a brand called Caslon- which I’ve never heard before, and might possibly be exclusively carried by Nordstrom.  One super-cute gray sweater (sweater, me?- I know what you are thinking.. I’m always so hot, how could I be wearing a sweater.. well this one is 3/4 sleeves and mostly cotton.  So it isn’t too itchy).  A Caslon fitted kelly-green hoodie… one can NEVER have too many hooded things.  And two Caslon basic t-shirts that were on sale.  I also got a pair of Jag grey cords.  They have a little stretch on them so they are forgiving.  Of course, Maddie was pitching a fit so I couldn’t have the tailor come to do the alterations.  Luckily I have a great tailor close by, so I will hit him up ASAP as it is getting close to cords weather.  I can’t believe I actually got a pair of pants that weren’t jeans!  Shocker!  Check out Jag’s website here.

I hit up the Gap and got some basic solid sweaters.  One in orange and one in this season’s it color: plum.  I know a lot of people don’t love the Gap, but I think it’s a great place to get affordable basics.  And I always know that I can fit into the clothes and what size to get, which takes the anxiety out of trying things on, etc.

Lastly, I went to Bloomies and got myself a pair of proper shoes! Lately I’ve been having a shoe problem.  I’ve spent all summer in flip-flops.  And while I LOVE LOVE LOVE my havaianas… they have absolutely no support and I’m afraid my lower back is now paying for it!  I also have a love of Converse Chuck Taylors- again, no support.  Other than a sizable collection of flips and chucks, I have high-heels.. None of the three great for running around after a toddler.

So what did I get?  I sort of *gasp* took Cookie Magazine’s advise and got a pair of Cole Haan shoes.  Not the new penny loafers that just came out (I think they were all sold out) but a pair of Air Bria’s. They are black with a mary jane strap and have the Nike insole for super comfyness.

Oh- and one more thing.. don’t you just hate those kiosks in the mall?  I got suckered into buying this nail manicure set called Onsen with this crazy buffer that makes your natural nails look real shiny like they were polished.  I *supposedly* got a deal because the original price was $39.99 and he gave it to me for $25.99 after I showed him how dogged out my sneakers were and the shirt I had on was from 2 years ago!  

If it weren’t for my birthday and Christmas I would NEVER have anything new!  So thanks to my mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and sister Cara for the birthday gift cards and money.  Without you guys, I’d look like a charity case!


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