Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 24, 2008

Cookie magazine makes me feel like a pauper.

Seriously.  I know it’s a Conde Nast publication- and because of that, only features ridiculously expensive items… but seriously! In the current issue they have their top 100 picks.  What’s on the list you ask?  A melange of real-life items, a few people, and ideas.  My favorites:  coffee (because seriously, what mom can live without it- or some other form of caffeine), family-friendly cookbooks (I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one that thinks Everyday Food is an awesome cookbook) mascara (yes, if you are to wear any makeup at all, we know mascara is it) and the LLBean tote bag (having both LLBean and Lands End- I would PUT MONEY on the notion that the Lands End bag is WAY better- in fact, it makes the PERFECT tote bag if you have a toddler.. I like the large one).

But what else do they have on the list?  A $495 gold wallet.  $24.00 a pair boy-short underwear that supposedly doesn’t cause pantie lines.  Anything Apple (yes, I have an Apple laptop… but I purchased it pre-Maddie and only hope it holds up for a few more years).  Chanel red lipstick.  Ok Ok…. maybe the lipstick isn’t THAT bad, but the $495 gold wallet?  SHEESH!  I wouldn’t pay that much for a whole handbag, let alone just a wallet that never sees the light of day!

Of course, there wasn’t so long ago (not only pre-Maddie, but pre-husband) that I would have no problem pampering myself with a decadent purchase.  I was care-free.. I had cheap rent.. I wasn’t worrying about college funds or retirement!   But now, to spend that much money on something for (gasp) MYSELF???? It seems ridiculous! 

But, is it so ridiculous?  How often do we, as mothers, take care of every person around us more than ourselves.   How cute do our children look in their brand-new Baby Gap clothing, while we troll around town in last season’s Gap Tee (wait- who am I kidding- make that 2 seasons).  Maybe cookie has it right.. maybe once in a while we SHOULD splurge on ourselves.  Get something ridiculous.  Something that, we automatically think- we shouldn’t purchase.  That the extra money could go to organic chicken or something…. but we should spend it on ourselves.  We should be rewarded for the good job we do everyday!  And we should reward ourselves!  No use being bitter that husband, mom, friend, lover, whoever.. didn’t acknowledge our superior parenting/house-running skills!  We should just do it ourselves!

Since my birthday is coming up (yikes, 33) I am going to splurge.  I’ll let you know what I decide to get (I’m leaning towards the hanky panky boy shorts)…



  1. For me lipstick it the “it” item of makeup. But not Chanel. MAC, usually. It’s about $15 so it’s a splurge in it’s own cheap way.
    And as far as GAP t-shirts: dude, I’m still wearing a few from high school.

  2. My problem is that I beat the ever loving shit out of everything I own. Seriously, I cannot have nice things. So if I had an extra $500 to spend on myself, I’d spend it on something I can’t ruin like an extravagant spa package or several bottles of really, really good wine. Or a combination of the two.

  3. Oh, and Cookie Magazine is evil. Best to avoid it.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I made the mistake of buying Mothering Magazine at Whole Foods the other day. I do like a lot of the articles in it, but it seems like it wants me to feel guilty that I’m not choosing a drug-free, at-home water birth.

    There was a wonderful picture of just such a birth in this month’s issue with the mom bent over the side of a shallow plastic pool with her butt in the air pushing while her smiling toddler splashed in the water behind her. The article reassured us that the little girl was taken out of the pool before all the gunk came out. Whew!

  4. What about the $200 dollar Cole Haan pumps?
    I am a working mom, but I’m wearing flats from Mervyn’s! I also would vote for avoiding “Kiwi” magazine, which is similar to the one the above commenter read at Whole Foods: Guilt City!

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