Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 22, 2008

Our Sunday in the City… Hurray Laurie Berkner!


Yesterday John, Maddie, and I went into the big city to see Maddie’s favorite singer, Laurie Berkner.  I am sure those of you with toddlers already know who Laurie Berkner is; if you aren’t in the know, she’s basically the equivalent of The Beatles for children.  I’m not kidding, the kids go THAT crazy for her!



Maddie in the big city

Maddie in the big city

Yesterday’s concert was at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall.  It was sort of a hoot to see a kid’s show at a venue known for high-culture.  While there, I saw a board posted for a Handel Messiah sing-in.. how much fun would THAT be (if anyone is reading this and wants to go- lets do it!).

Anyway- back to Laurie Berkner.  Maddie’s reaction was priceless.  She just didn’t know what to make of the whole situation.  The children in the audience, ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years, were wild- dancing in the aisles and jumping up and down.  By the front of the stage there was almost a mini mosh pit!  It was comical to see the ushers try to deal with kid-music inspired anarchy- it was as if the Sex Pistols were playing!

Laurie played a few of Maddie’s favorite songs:  Under a Shady Tree, Rocketship Run, and Victor Vito.  Maddie was so amazed to see her fav singer in person, that she hardly moved!  And, just like her mama, she was really into watching the crowd.  John and I spotted quite a few parents acting way more into it than their own children.  We also got quite the kick out of watching the backing woodwind/brass musicians act like fish. 

One observation was that audience was 95% white.  I saw one Asian-American family and one African-American family there.  I guess white people are the only ones crazy enough to spend $35 a ticket on a children’s performer (and schlep to Lincoln Center).  I got a little teary-eyed, watching as parents threw themselves into the moment with gusto- all for their children.  You could feel the love, and I thought- if only we could carry this love with us always, not just for our own children, but for each other?  What type of place would the world be?  It was an awesome sight- and made me feel happy, that during a time when the world often feels upside down, love could still be so powerful.  As annoying as some of those parents were, I found myself thinking, “those parents love their children as much as I love mine.” So- how bad can they be?  I think if we spend more time thinking about how similar we are, instead of the opposite.. we’d ALL be in a better place.



  1. Handel Messiah sing-a-long! Did this 8 years ago…and would be up for it again!

  2. We’ve also posted about the Laurie Berkner concert over at ParentZing!


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