Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 19, 2008

Is anyone else a little freaked out right now?

I’ve been trying to go on with my daily, suburban mom life and not pay attention to the financial markets.  Even though I suffered through b-school finance, accounting, and micro & macro economics, I STILL have a hard time knowing exactly what is going on.. But I know whatever it is, it ain’t good.


I’ve had CNBC on the tube all morning.  Not one knows what the final outcome of this government intervention will be.  Many say our taxes are going to go sky high to pay for all of this.  I wonder how much worse our economy is going to get?  For my own sanity, I’m not even sure I should be thinking about this as I have a tendency to get money obsessed (spending too much, never having enough, etc etc).


I’ve read a few articles on NYTimes and and I’ve yet to see anyone write about what this means for Main Street.


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