Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 17, 2008

Healthcare John McCain Style

I just finished reading an OpEd piece in The New York Times by Bob Herbert, check it out here..  Although, upon reading the article, I am filled with rage, I’m not necessarily all that surprised.  The politically astute have known for a while that Republicans want everything on the “free market”.  I call it “free market” because it’s only “free” until the markets get in trouble- and then the supporters of the “free market” are there with tax payer dollars to clean up the mess.  Of course that is another story (AIG ahem ahem).  I remember when I was in b-school, we did a lot of talking about “free markets” and what that meant, at the time, to the ailing airline industry (obviously still in trouble today).  Did Regan REALLY make the market more efficient by removing government regulations?  And, if we wanted the airline industry on the “free market” why weren’t some of the “legacy carriers” a few years back left to go bankrupt or under? 


But, McCain’s plan for health care really pisses me off.  Our family counts ourselves  “lucky” that we have employer-sponsored health insurance.  But, the McCain plan basically wants to “take that away” so all individuals have to by insurance on the “free market”.  Yeah, OK- that will work.  People weren’t even able to GET A MORTGAGE on the “free market” without getting f-ed.  But he thinks the little guy can negotiate health insurance on their own? 


I URGE Democrats and Republicans alike to start paying attention to ISSUES.  While I’m confident that yes, should John McCain be elected, our country will go on…. I am not confident that it will be better, like McCain/Palin suggest. 


I hope the upcoming debates shed some light on these real issues that actually mean something to the “regular” American.



  1. The last thing the insurance companies deserve is decreased government regulation. Can you imagine? Making the average person pay out of pocket for health insurance (even WITH 5K from the govt to offset the cost) means the best, most comprehensive care only goes to those with the fattest wallets and insurance companies will be slashing coverage of the most expensive meds and procedures left and right.

    What sort of plans do you think the average American could afford–not even taking into consideration those hovering just above or living below the poverty line? Plans that cover jack squat. Plans that could possibly send millions of Americans into bankruptcy in the event of a major illness–which is ALREADY happening under the CURRENT system.

    The republican health plan basically boils down to “Don’t Get Sick.” How can people be so heartless????

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